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Doh; accidentally wiped my zaurus. This time I really will keep a log of all the interesting things I want to do to set it up 'the way I like it' again. The log will be edited live as I update it.

My software

If it could even be called that; this is just a collection of things I'm hosting or have done myself.
  • GBZ - GameBoyZ; gameboy emulator for the zaurus.

  • mtr - MTR is a traceroute replacement cross compiled and ipked up. Source available on the mtr homepage. If you're running openzaurus, you might need to sym link to version 5.

  • ftpd - Quick compile and ipk creation of Trolltech's free ftpd. I realized that there weren't any ftp servers packaged for the zaurus that I could find so I went over to Trolltech, compiled and configured their simple ftpd for the zaurus. Only quirk was that the /etc/shells file had to be created, otherwise it was very straightforward.NEWER VERSION or a newer compile, rather, is available elsewhere.

  • dig - Static zaurus compile of the ISC Bind utility dig for a variety of nameserver queries.

  • - My simple opie-sh front end to the flite speech synthesis program.

  • frotz - Cross compile of the popular infocom game interpreter for linux.

  • libSDL - This build of libSDL was from the Jun 28 CVS from and fixes some bugs with the zaurus adventure emulators package. Most notably, mouse clicks are correctly interpreted in scummvm. To install, simply overwrite (probably want to backup first) your existing in /opt/Qtopia/lib (you did download and install it from the zaurus zone feed, right?). And you should be good to go.

Recommended Sites

Discussion Sites

  • ZaurusZone - The definitive zaurus bulletin board. Currently undergoing an upgrade, but this is the busiest zaurus resource out there.
  • Zaurus@LovesLinux - Great all around site with news, some handy how-tos in the discussion boards, and a software section as well.

Software Sites

  • ZSI - Zaurus Software Index; this is one of the best, if not the best zaurus sites out there. Bookmark this and refresh often; it's usually the first place you'll see the best software.
  • Zaurusoft - Zaurusoft doesn't include links to commercial products, so it may not be as complete as ZSI, but it's close, and ever item has a verified direct download link. If you don't like your hopes raised when you see an awesome program listed on ZSI only to find that it's not actually out yet, check this site out often.

Other Sites

  • LinuxLinks - This site has the best collection of links for the zaurus out there; a great reference for strange pages that never seem to get picked up by the other main sites.
  • Unofficial FAQ - Really does do a good job of answering those frequently asked questions.